SCRiM collaborator, Richard Alley, receives Climate Communication Prize

4 August 2016

The American Geophysical Union (AGU) awarded Richard Alley, Evan Pugh Professor of Geosciences at Penn State, with the 2016 Climate Communication Prize. ‹‹read more››

College of Menominee Nation hosts 2nd annual Indigenous Planning Summer Institute

5 July 2016

The 26 undergraduate and graduate student participants formed teams to explore different concepts of indigenous planning from May 31 - June 1, 2016. ‹‹read more››

SCRiM Summer Scholars participants tackle interdisciplinary projects on sustainable climate risk management

29 June 2016

The 21 participants of SCRiM’s Summer Scholars program, an undergraduate research experience, are currently performing independent research under the mentorship of SCRiM researchers. ‹‹read more››

SCRiM student, Nick Vasko, presents research at Penn State Undergraduate Exhibition

20 April 2016

Undergraduate students from University Park and Penn State campuses presented their research on Wednesday 6 April 2016 at Penn State’s annual Undergraduate Exhibition. ‹‹read more››

Ask an Ethicist: Does climate change affect genders differently?

18 April 2016

Question: Climate change is a global concern and media outlets tend to focus on certain issues such as ice sheet melt, sea level rise, government policies concerning climate change, and greenhouse gas emissions. These are all important issues and, until recently, I didn’t realize there were other concerns that we should be talking about, specifically regarding gender and climate change. So, what ethical concerns exist around gender and climate change? ‹‹read more››

Sea level rise projections doubled for 2100, because of Antarctica

30 March 2016

It’s obvious that a warming climate will mean less glacial ice and higher sea level, but putting a precise number on these things is another matter. What is the possible range of sea level rise? And what are the probabilities for different parts of this range? ‹‹read more››