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Summer School 2015

As a central part of its educational and research mission, SCRiM hosts an annual summer school to foster opportunities for collaboration and to provide a solid foundation in the broad, multidisciplinary knowledge, tools, and methods of the diverse fields participating in the network.

A key focus of the workshop is developing a common vocabulary to help foster enhanced cross-disciplinary communication, enabling the possibility for future research and decision support collaborations. Participants will also gain hands-on experience with key methods and tools including robust decisionmaking, use of simple models, and analysis of relevant datasets.

This program is targeted at postdocs, advanced graduate students, and early-career professionals in the decisionmaking and policy communities who are working on issues related to climate risk.

The dates of the 7th Annual Summer School on Sustainable Climate Risk Management are July 29 - August 2. In most cases, lodging, meals, registration, and travel costs will be fully covered for participants (see further details at the bottom of this page). International applicants are welcomed.

This year’s Summer School is co-supported by the NOAA Mid-Atlantic RISA (MARISA)

Proposed Sessions:
Earth System Modeling
Uncertainty Quantification
Risk Analysis
Policy Analysis and Robust Decisionmaking
Climate and the Built Environment
Integrated Assessment
Coupled Epistemic-Ethical Analysis
Stakeholder Engagement
Climate Change Communication

Tentative Instructors:
David Anthoff
Jordan Fischbach
Chris Forest
Murali Haran
Lisa Iulo
Klaus Keller
Robert Nicholas
Nancy Tuana

To apply, fill out the online application. We are still accepting applications, though application review is currently underway. Applications submitted after May 4 may not receive full consideration.

SCRiM 2019 Summer School Flyer

Please contact Katerina Kostadinova (katerina@psu.edu) with any questions about the program or application process.

Summer School 2015

Additional details on cost support for Summer School participants: Federal, state, and local government employees are strongly encouraged to apply. However, in most cases, NSF rules prohibit us from covering the travel, lodging, and meal costs for U.S. Federal employees. In certain circumstances, conflict-of-interest concerns may also limit our ability to cover these costs for employees of other government entities. Please contact Katerina Kostadinova (katerina@psu.edu) with any questions regarding this.